• Member Clubs may field teams in Girls 13 & Under, Boys 13 & Under, Girls 16 & Under, Boys 16 & Under and/or Mixed gender 10 & Under Levels. 

  • Juniors will have the opportunity to play singles and doubles each week. Matches will consist of 1 set, with each junior playing 2 or more matches per week. There will be up to 4 players per club, with additional players allowed if there is room.
  • All matches will be played using no-ad scoring. Each match will consist of a 6-game set, with a tiebreaker played at
    5-all. If there is a limited number of juniors on a given week, or there are additional courts or time, juniors may play more.

  • The green dot ball will be used for 10 & Under play.
  • Host club should have a representative to greet visitors and introduce players and to be on hand to monitor matches and answer any questions.  The head pro is expected to be on site and available should a problem arise
  • Visiting clubs should have a written line-up to present to host pro or representative, in order of strength.
  • Home club should reach out to visiting clubs a week in advance if the start time will NOT be 1:00 PM.
  • Visiting clubs should contact the host club no later than (but preferably several days before) 9:00 AM on match day if they will not be sending 4 players, so that other clubs can be invited to add more players. Also, if a club has more than 4 courts to use they can invite the visiting clubs to send addtional players. 
  • Host Clubs need to have a minimum of 4 courts available for play for a minimum of 2 hours and be responsible for providing new balls for the match. Simple post-match refreshments should also be provided.
  • In the event of rain or unplayable courts, the match should be played within 3 days, excluding weekends. Matches are not cancelled or re-scheduled due to heat.
  • The NJJTA Dress Code will be enforced for all matches, and improper attire will result in a forfeit.
  • There is NO COACHING once a match has begun.
  • Score sheets for structured matches should be emailed weekly to the administrator. (Download here)



  • Players must be members of the club they represent, and may play for only one club during a season.  Those with appropriate skills are allowed to play on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week.
  • Player's age group is determined by his/her age on June 1, 2018.
  • No assistant pros may represent their club unless they are members of the club independent of their employment.


  • No results are reported or standings kept for unstructured matches.
  • For structured matches, each court won counts as 1 point, so there are 6 points available each week. Format for Week 5 of structured divisions will be determined following play the first 3 weeks. (Week 4 play is integrated into unstructured division)



  • Supervisors for both clubs are responsible for the behavior of their players.  The players should be reminded to use the bathroom prior to the match and to practice court etiquette during the match.
  • Players have the right to an impartial observer when they feel the conduct of their opponent(s) warrant it.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by players will not be tolerated, and it is the responsibility of the host pro to monitor and eliminate it.  With the concurrence of the visiting team representative, the pro will stop play at the completion of the next point and warn the offender(s) that another violation will result in forfeiture of the match.  Continuation of the problem will result in such a forfeit.  Unilateral action can be taken if there is only one team representative available.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited by spectators will result in a complaint being lodged with the Executive Committee.  The Committee will take appropriate action, which may result in forfeiture of 1 or more courts.




  • Club members may participate in our individual tournaments whether or not their club fielded a team for their age group/gender.  Their strengths should be considered when seeding is done. Ranked players are expected to play "up” an age division.
  • It is the responsibility of players and their parents to see that entries are submitted on time so that tournament draws may proceed properly.




The NJJTA Dress Code is in effect for all regular season and tournament matches at all locations.


Violation of the Dress Code will prohibit juniors from participating in the event and result in a forfeit of the match.


Players must wear proper tennis shoes and all white tennis attire. No T-shirts are allowed.

Boys must wear shorts and collared shirts.

Girls may wear tennis dresses, or tennis tops with shorts or skirts.



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